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Oilfield Factoring

Since 1993!

How Oil Factoring Works

How Oil and Gas Factoring Works?

The process is rather simple. Depending on the length of your relationship with your Oil and Gas clients, credit terms extended, and how creditworthy the accounts receivable customer is, your Oil and Gas company can usually obtain between 80% to 90% of your total value of the an invoice up front from Oil Capital factoring finance company, with the remaining difference to be returned after payment is received — less the invoice factoring financing fee, which is typically anywhere from 1%–4%.

Many of our Oil and Gas clients, including oilfield service providers, oil drilling companies or haulers, use our invoice financing or receivable factoring services to increase their cash flow for daily expenses. This allows them to eliminate the need to follow up on their invoices. Essentially, Oil Capital becomes your back-end office, helping you stay organized and on top of your invoices.

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A primary advantage of Oil and Gas factoring is access to immediate cash, typically within 24 hours. Most of our clients take advantage of invoice factoring to hire more oilfield crew, rent or buy more oilfield equipment, get supplier discounts, take on more contracts, and take advantage of new growth opportunities. It also allows them to increase their credit rating while reducing credit risk and collection costs. By taking advantage of our flexible invoice factoring services, your Oil and Gas company generates immediate working capital to promote rapid growth and fund new business ventures, without incurring any DEBT!
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Factoring FAQ

Oil Capital USA's team is here to serve YOU! Our experts can answer your questions about how factoring and accounts receivable financing will help your Oil and Gas business grow. We know that dealing with the major Oil and Gas companies can be challenging, and it can take 30 or even 60 days to get paid from your customers, which is why accounts receivable financing is your great funding solution to this cash-flow problem. If you don't see answers to your invoice factoring questions here within this invoice finance FAQ, please contact us with your questions and we will provide immediate answers. Oil Capital USA is also a proud partner of bestcrossbowhunter.com. For hunting success, read this article..