Factoring Calculator

How It Works?

Our process is simple and efficient. To see how invoice financing works and to understand the basics of working capital finance, please use our invoice factoring calculator. The example below assumes you offer Net 30 day terms and your customer pays within terms.

*Enter the total dollar value of the additional fees the company will charge. There may be a documentation fee or wire transfer fee etc.

What amounts do I enter into the Invoice Factoring Advance Calculator?

  • Amount: This field should contain the total value of the invoice. Example: 1000 = $1,000.00
  • Advance: Enter a number representing the amount of the advance that you will receive. If a Factoring Company has informed you that they will advance 80% of the invoice amount, you would enter 80 in this field.
  • Factoring Fee: If a Factoring Company has informed you that they will charge 2% as their factor fee, then you would simply enter 2.
  • Misc Expenses: There maybe additional fees the Factoring Company will charge. Example: Wire Fee, Postage Fee, Federal Express Fee.
  • Reserves Held: This is the difference of the Advanced amount. If you were advanced 90%, then your reserves held are 10%. The amount is held back and will be returned to you less our factoring fee and any other offsets your customer may have taken.

How much does Invoice Financing Cost?
Most of our clients will pay an invoice factoring fee between 1-4%.

The discount fee depends on the monthly factoring volume, the creditworthiness of your customers, and the length of time expected to be paid. We offer both fixed and variable fee structures to meet your specific needs.

For Example: If you’re approved for our 2% rate, for a $1,000.00 invoice, you would only PAY up to $20.00.