Why Oil Capital?

Why Oil Capital?

At Oil Capital USA, we know that dealing with the major Oil and Gas companies can be challenging and it can take 30 or even 60 days to get paid from your customers, which is why accounts receivable financing is your great funding solution to this cash-flow problem.

Here are few reasons why oil and gas businesses choose Oil Capital for their factoring needs:

  • Same-Day Funding Available
  • Advance Rates that Exceed Industry Norms
  • Flexible Contracts
  • Fast Invoice Processing
  • Online Credit & Account Management Services at No Extra Cost
  • Experienced Account Managers

We have helped many new Oilfield service companies in Bismarck, North Dakota and Montana Bakkan oil patch, Texas Eagle Ford oil patch, Oklahoma and others with their Oilfield and Gas invoice factoring needs, and we look forward to doing the same for you!

We are THE experts in the Oilfield Trucking, Oilfield Services Oilfield Supply and Oilfield Construction where 30 to 90-day pay terms seem to be a NORM. As a business owner, we also know that long pay terms can create “Cash Flow Stress” for your Oilfield Service business.

Your Oilfield Invoice Factoring Company

Part of our growth, expertise and success also exemplifies the fact that invoice factoring and receivables financing has become a popular source of financing for Oilfield and Gas-related service providers, including:

  • Oil Spill Cleanup and Water Haulers
  • Roustabouts
  • Ditch Digging and Swabbing
  • Hot Oil, Hot Shots, Tubing and Slickline-fishing
  • Drilling or Plugging
  • Casing Crew and Surfacing Crew
  • Oilfield Logging and  Perforating
  • Pipe Inspections, Case Pullers
  • Frac Sand Haulers
  • Gravel Haulers and Vacuum Trucks
  • Rig Transportation and Rentals
  • And more

Experts in Oil and Gas Industry

At Oil Capital, we are THE leading Oilfield  and Gas Factoring Company which provides Oilfield Invoice Factoring and Oilfield Accounts Receivable Factoring solutions for small to mid-size companies in the Oil and Gas industries.

We also have extensive expertise and experience in factoring receivables for many long-paying customers, such as

• Shell • Marathon Oil
• Continental • Sheridan Exploration
• Chesapeake • BP America
• XTO Energy • Bringham Oil & Gas
• Nomac • Exxon Mobile
• Weatherford • Hess Corporation
• PetroHawk • Whiting Oil and Gas
and others

As emerging and booming Oil and Gas markets continue to prosper, we are extremely excited to be part of this economic boom and growth, as well as being committed to support and provide innovative financing solutions to meet the needs of small-to-mid-size companies in the Oil and Gas industry.

Other nationwide factoring companies can’t match our level of expertise,  years of experience and or exceptional customer service ratings. So, when it comes to factoring companies, look no further than Oil Capital, rated #1 in invoice factoring since 1993!

Grow With Oil and Gas Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring in the United States has historically been one of the most sought-after methods of financing that quickly improves the cash flow of businesses in many industries, such as Oil and Gas, staffing, security guards, manufacturing and janitorial services.

As the recent boom and “gold rush” in the Oil and Gas industry continue to grow, an increasing number of Oilfield service providers and Oil and Gas companies look for new ways to access creative working capital because their business is positioned for growth, but lacks sufficient funding!

While traditional lending institutions continue to bottleneck companies as a result of a lengthy paperwork and approval process, more Oil and Gas companies are turning to creative funding services and lending source, known as “Flexible Oilfield Invoice Factoring.”

Invoice factoring is not a loan, does not add any debt to your business, and certainly differs from traditional institutional lending or bank borrowing. The growth of your Oil and Gas business will result in immediate cash with the factoring of invoices and accounts receivable financing.

If you need to get paid on your current Oilfield contracts or access quick cash for new contracts that require rapid financing, please contact one our experienced Oil Capital Representatives to learn how we can help!

Call now for more information at 866-310-1955, Option 5!